1. Picolocation

    I recently heard of Picolocation and sent them my Raspberry Pi to host in their Aberdeen data centre. I knew this was a somewhat risky move and could backfire. Unfortunately it did and so here is what happened.

    For starters it looks like my SD card got damaged in transit …

  2. New VPS

    I’ve moved the blog, again, to a new VPS I’ve got from TorqHost. It’s an extremely budget VPS at 15 EUR a year but so far it seems alright and afterall it is replacing a Raspberry Pi!

    The Pi is unfortunately no more after a trip to …

  3. Static Blog

    Since this site will be running on a Raspberry Pi, I’m moving over to a static site generator called Pelican with content served through Nginx. Seems to be able to handle around 150 requests per second, which sounds good to me.

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