1. Picolocation

    I recently heard of Picolocation and sent them my Raspberry Pi to host in their Aberdeen data centre. I knew this was a somewhat risky move and could backfire. Unfortunately it did and so here is what happened.

    For starters it looks like my SD card got damaged in transit …

  2. New VPS

    I’ve moved the blog, again, to a new VPS I’ve got from TorqHost. It’s an extremely budget VPS at 15 EUR a year but so far it seems alright and afterall it is replacing a Raspberry Pi!

    The Pi is unfortunately no more after a trip to …

  3. Recent Downtime

    Apologies to anyone who couldn’t reach the site the past couple of days. My phoneline blew up and it took BT a few days to fix it up again. Still seem to be some issues though since my connection is only going half as fast as before :(.

  4. Static Blog

    Since this site will be running on a Raspberry Pi, I’m moving over to a static site generator called Pelican with content served through Nginx. Seems to be able to handle around 150 requests per second, which sounds good to me.

  5. Hosting Migration 2.0

    I’ve switched hosting companies again, this time to prgmr.com. They’re another VPS provider like Rackspace. I never experienced any issues with them beyond a couple hours downtime but prgmr offer an even less mangaged service and pass on the savings of that to you.

    A little related …

  6. Hosting Migration

    I’ve decided to move the site to a new webhost since unforutnately I’ve never had great service from Servage. They offer shared hosting which seems to be oversold to a truly absurd degree. The real dealbreaker was totally non-functional MySQL performance.

    To get away from these issues I …

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